2018 Project - Shaping the Future Together

Aid To Schools midyear charity project 2018 came to an end on May 19th, 2018, thanks to the generous donations from Buddhist Vihara Society and your valuable support. We would like to thank again to our generous donor Buddhist Vihara Society.



Katina Puja - 2019 Kapruka Offerings

We would like to circulate the attached Suggested Kapruka 2019 donation list for you to sign up for your donations. We appreciate your support extended during Kathina ceremony in previous years and expect the fullest support at this time as well.


Buddhist Vihara Society in BC

Registered under the Canadian Charities Act, Buddhist Vihara Society in BC, Reg#89234 2775RT0001, (BVS) is an organization which provides various charitable services to the Canadian Society and to other communities who are in need of help. For over twenty years (20 years) BVS has provided and helped in various ways to fellow Canadians and other communities around the world such as earth quake victims of Nepal, flood victims of Sri Lanka, fellow Canadians who were affected by wild fire in Fort Mc Murray, Alberta, just to name a few. ...


Special Events

2018 May 26

Below you will find the Saturday evening Dansala and Sunday Dansala menu item list for your

2018 May 6

Ata-Sil (Eight Precepts Observance) Vesak Poya Day

Sun, May 6,

2018 May 6

The Annual Sil Program for BVS Sunday School students will be held on Sunday 6th May 8.00am on