BVS Property Beautifying and Garden Enhancement Project

Dear members and well-wishers,

The board of directors of BVS has come out with a proposal after many successful discussions to develop the entire area of BVS property in three phases.  As you all have seen in the past years BVS was trying to generate funds through gardening but without a proper plan.  We have realized the potentials of generating a huge income to the temple by utilizing the entire land through a properly planned gardening project.  The first phase of the project is to develop the front area of the property with professional landscaping to beautify the entrance to the temple and enhance gardening facilities to generate a substantial income.

A project plan for the first phase is attached herewith for your reference and comments. It is our intention to find the initial cost of the project through generous donations from our members and well-wishers.  A few members have already indicated their willingness to donate towards this project.  As you can see from the project plan, a substantial amount of dollars can be generated through gardening in one year. The funds generated from Phase -1 over a couple of years, would sufficiently provide the funding needed for development of other areas through phase 2 and 3.  The details of phase 2 and 3 will be notified to you later.

You can find the information about the project HERE

We concluded a successful town hall meeting via Zoom on Saturday, the 19th December, 2020 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm and received very valuable comments and suggestions. You can watch the recorded video of the town hall meeting HERE

Please send us your comments and suggestions to further enhance the project. 

We are expecting to receive your generous support through monetary donations to commence the project as early as possible.

Thanking you in advance.

With methta,

Buddhist Vihara Society of BC