Maha Kathina Cheevara offering Ceremony

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Dear members and well-wishers,

In view of the current Covid-19 pandemic situation prevailing in the province, this year’s Kathina Cheevara Offering Ceremony will be held on Sunday, the 4th October 2020 at the temple with some restrictions.  The number of devotees who can participate in the program is limited to 25 occupants within the shrine hall and all health and safety protocol must be adhered to by each and every individual. In the circumstances, the board of directors has decided that only the members of Kathina sponsoring families shall be involved with all related activities of this year’s Kathina ceremony.

1)        Sewing of the Kathina Robe starts at 1.00 pm on Saturday, the 3rd October 2020. Only the Kathina Sponsoring Families will be doing the Kathina Robe Sewing this time due to the current pandemic situation. Sewing will be done in the main shrine hall and not in the Monk's resident area. 

2)        Final Bojjhanga Pirith Chanting will take place at 7.30 pm on Saturday and the shrine hall is opened only for the Kathina Sponsoring Families. Reminding again about the maximum limit in the shrine hall is 25 occupants and all health and safety protocols must be followed. ( The puja will be telecasted via Zoom technology as usual)

3)        After the Bojjhanga Pirith Chanting, the sponsoring Families can continue sewing the Kthina robe if they haven’t yet completed sewing.

4)        The main agenda of the Maha Kathina Cheevara Offering on Sunday, the 4th October 2020 is as follows,




9:50 AM

Gathering of Devotees (Only kathina sponsoring families)

9:55 AM

Buddha Puja starts  - from East end into the main Shrine hall 

10:00 AM- 10.20AM

Buddha Vandana Starts

10:20 AM - 11.30 AM  

Kathina Cheewara Offering Ceremony

11:30 AM

Dana Offerings to Ven Monks ( No servings)

12 :00 PM

Sponsoring Families may offer Food for the gathering

1:30 PM

Completion & Clean up



Please note that Pindapatha offering to Maha Sangha as done in previous years will not take place this year due to Covid-19 pandemic.


5)        There will be 4 -5 venerable monks participating at the ceremony including our two resident monks. The program is open only for the Kathina Sponsoring families. The program will start with the Buddha Puja followed by the Kathina Cheevara Offering Ceremony.

6)        Kapruka List is prepared based on the routine needs of the Temple and the resident monks and it is circulated to the members and well-wishers along with this e-mail. We kindly request our devotees to donate required items using the below link. 

        Once you decide on the items you donate you may bring them to the main shrine hall to place it by the Kapruka Tree on or before Saturday 03rd October 12.00 noon.  This will help the Kathina Cheevara sewing team to continue their work without any interruption

We thank you in advance for your generous donations towards Kapruka and for your kind understanding on the changes done to the Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony due to the pandemic situation in the province.