Community Garden

BVS community Garden has been an integral part of our community for many years. Our devoted volunteers and members has spent hundreds of hours working on this garden. It has helped the community a chance to engage in some farming and providing some quality vegetables and fruits cultivated without using any chemicals. Through this, the temple was able to generate substantial amount of income as donations for the produce bought by our community

Need of the Project

For several years there has been requests form the membership and well-wishers to enhance the appearance of the temple premises and better utilize the arming land. BVS board of directors with the recommendations of community professionals prepared a plan to beautify the garden and better utilize the property to provide an appealing look to the temple premises and convert BVS garden to a revenue generating stream. 

About the Project

This is a long term initiative with 3 major phases. We are currently in the phase 1

You can find the information about the project HERE

We are in Phase one now and through this page, BVS would like to give its members all the information about the project, current status and some memories of our journey so far with some photo, videos, etc. You can also visit the Facebook page of "BVS Community Garden" for news and information as things happen. To visit the Facebook page, please click  HERE

Our Donors - Our Strength

This project wouldn't have made possible without the generous donations from our members and well-wishers. You can see the list of donors by clicking  HERE