Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Since establishment in January 1990, it is the vision of the Buddhist Vihara Society of British Columbia to manage and maintain a place where Budda, Dhamma and Sangha reside for the benefit of everybody seeking:

  • Comfort and compassion under the noble triple gem
  • Guidance for Spiritual Nourishment including meditational practice according to the path shown by Lord Budda
  • To learn from the teachings of the Lord Buddha
  • Opportunity to perform ‘Dhana’, ‘Sila’ and ‘Bhavana’
  • To obtain guidance and councelling from Buddhist monks
  • To meet with Buddhist monks and lay friends with similar ideas, engage in useful discussions and exchange ideas to live a peaceful and successful life and help each other
  • To show their children the values of Buddha’s teachings and through that provide them with guidance to achive success and lead a peaceful life.

Our Mission

BVS is committed to fulfill its Vision through the actions as mentioned but not limited to the following:

  • Maintain the Buddhist Vihara premises in a pleasant, serene and peaceful status with a meditation hall accessible for everyone to seek refuge in Dhamma with guidance and blessings of the resident monks.
  • Maintain the Buddhist Vihara premises as a livable, safe and secured place for the Resident monks and provide them with necessary means to dwell in and practice Dhamma preached by the Buddha.
  • Organize and conduct regular and special religious activities and functions enabling everyone who wish to attend and participate.
  • Organize and conduct weekly meditation sessions.
  • Organize and conduct Daham Pasala (summer school holiday period excluded) to teach Dhamma and Buddhist way of life to all the children who wish to attend.
  • Manage and maintain Buddhist Vihara Society of BC (BVS) as a charitable organization dedicated to Dhamma and spiritual & mind development.
  • Continue to maintain the Buddhist Vihara as a counseling and spiritual service centre for the community.
  • Organize volunteer work and participate in joint-activities with the other sections of the community.
  • Maintain and update a library at Vihara premises holding selected collection of Buddhist literature, Sutras, guidance for meditation, Dhammapada, Encyclopedia of Buddhism etc.
  • Encourage youth to take part and lead the activities of BVS.